I am a New Zealand artist who has been living and working in Townsville for the past five years. My chosen medium is print making. After much experimentation with different techniques, I settled on the the mezzotint process as the medium in which I can best express myself.

My work is preoccupied with mythology and its significance to the human condition. The archetypes which appear across many cultures and the common elements to many stories create universal interpretations.

The concept of destiny, the relationship of man to the natural environment and the contemplation of the infinite are common themes.

I have been exploring my New Zealand roots through looking at Maori mythology. The resemblance of the figures to Greek and Roman figures underlines their heroic nature and emphasizes the cross-cultural parallels between myths and legends.

The mezzotint medium is perfect for this subject matter. The meticulous crafting of the plate appeals to my love of working with metal. Rocking the plate to produce a rich velvety black background and then burnishing into this background to coax the images from it taps into the New Zealand psyche.

Recent Exhibitions

2011               Addicted to Print, Perc Tucker Regional Gallery

                        TAFE Exhibition, Perc Tucker Regional Gallery

 2012              Percival Portrait Award, Perc Tucker Regional Gallery

                        Inkmasters Cairns, Tanks Arts Centre

                        Compact Prints 2012, Umbrella Studio contemporary arts

                        TAFE Exhibition, Perc Tucker Regional Gallery

2013               TAFE Exhibition, Perc Tucker Regional Gallery

2014               Inkmasters Cairns, Tanks Arts Centre

                        Compact Prints 2014, Umbrella Studio contemporary arts

2015               Post Post, Umbrella Studio contemporary arts

                        Labours of Love, Umbrella Studio contemporary arts (solo)

2016                Dark Art, Perc Tucker Regional Gallery (solo)

                         Fragments of Moments, Umbrella Studio contemporary arts